Specialty Doors

If you have a special need, please ask!

ADA Automation and Compliance

A convenient way to automate an existing door is to put a low energy ADA Automatic Door Operator on it. With so many options to activate these doors the ease and convenience for your customers is instantly recognized and appreciated!

High-Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are a fast becoming popular in the commercial and industrial door industry. Their fast open and closing speeds really save a lot of energy and maintain a more consistent environment. If you need a door that is safe, can operate quickly for many years, a High Speed door may be right for you.

Strip Doors

These hanging clear strip doors are typically used to separate working environments. They can interlock for exterior use or be smooth so employees can easily and safely pass through doorways. With our Free Estimates we can provide a fast cost to you quickly!

Beverage Cooler and Freezer DoorsWarehouse freezer door

These high use doors keep food and drinks cool for your customers. They eventually need repair or replacement and here at Quantum Door Services we can quickly provide Same Day Repairs to these types of doors and quick access to most parts.

Drive-Thru Service Windows

These small, but high use doors see a lot of use and without proper maintenance they will need repair. Call us for same day repairs on these door types as we can source parts for most manufacturers.

Fire-Rated Doors and Hardware

Production environments and code compliance are constantly changing. We can provide fire rated doors and frames, hardware, and fire rated glass (polished ceramics) for an existing door or new opening. There are many options today for your needed fire rated compliance.

Air Curtains

These are fans that are installed above small and large door openings to keep pests and environment out. They literally create an air wall (heated options available) keeping both bugs and debris out, even lights winds.

Airplane Hangars

These large doors require repair and maintenance as all doors do. We can provide custom installation and fabrication to existing doors as well as preventative maintenance and repairs on most sliding and folding door types.

Impact Doors

This type of gravity operated door is meant to keep openings closed but allows pedestrian, cart or forklift traffic to physically ‘impact’ them causing them to open then safely reclose to the closed position retaining or protecting environment. In restaurants they are used for ease of pass thru but to block sight of the working kitchen.

Restroom Partitions

These doors and panels that separate the restroom area are prone to vandalism, graffiti, and damage from use. We offer repair and replacement options that insure long term durability and ease of use.

Custom Door Fabrication

With our many years of experience and can do attitude we can custom build doors for your business. If you have a special need, please just ask.

Insect Screens and Doors

There are many types of doors that install over your existing doors to allow your entire opening be used for air exchange. Man doors can be ventilated but still have security when needed. Working in a stifling hot environment isn’t needed now with insect security screen inserts and security panels.

Bollards and Track Guards

These guards are installed in the concrete floor by drilling holes (strongest option) or being surface applied as an economical but effective protection from impacts to the door track and guides.