Dock Levelers and Equipment

Dock levelers are used frequently and are under great loads and stress.

Manually and Hydraulically Operated Levelers

These pit docks are the most versatile to use with a variety of different type trucks. Hydraulic Pit Docks typically last longer than manually operated docks because they operate slowly and don’t have the high forces associated with manual docks.


Manual docks typically use high-tension large springs, which under extreme pressure and are VERY dangerous. Call us immediately if your manual or hydraulic docks are not operating properly.

Edge of Dock Mount and Pit-Type Levelers

These are the smaller type docks that are attached to the exterior of the building. The benefit is a much lower cost, construction and maintenance however they don’t accommodate all types of trucks as pit docks do. With steel cap and faceplates curb steel isn’t required to have these installed call today for a free estimate!

Dock, Shelters, Seals and Bump Pads

There are pads that seal the truck and building to limit energy loss, insects and weather they also provide security as well. There are many types to help with any environment you may have.

Truck Latches

These safety devices hold the truck and trailer to the building during the loading process preventing creep or separation.

Transition Plates and Dock Lights

Transition plates are used to minimize a gap between a vehicle and the building to allow a dolly or pallet jack / forklift to drive over / transition.

Bollards and Track Guards

These are installed to protect the door and equipment around the door from forklift and vehicle impacts. These can be surface applied or installed in ground for high strength if needed.

Preventative Maintenance

Dock levelers are used frequently and are under great loads and stress. It is imperative these be maintained to insure long-term durability and personal safety.