Rolling and Coiling Doors

These heavy-duty coiling doors offer security and high use that other doors can’t provide. These doors can be face mounted or in jamb openings. Automating them with electric motors is another added convenience too.

Slat and Bottom Rail Repairs

These like most doors can be damaged if impacted. We can offer same day repairs on most door types

Barrel and Spring Repairs

These are large doors have barrels that the slat curtain rolls up on. Inside these barrels is where the springs are installed and when these break it can be a hassle. Quantum Doors can quickly remove and replace these springs to insure your doors are operating quickly.

Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Countertop Doors

Counter top doors come in a variety of types and sizes so sealing off that area for security or convenience can be achieved quite easily.

Fire Rated Doors

With new technology existing hard to operate fire doors can be automated with very easy to use fire door operators. No need to replace that expensive door or hassle with those old sash and link set ups anymore.