Door Closers

Locked external doors help to keep trespassers out of your premises, and most of us pay close attention to our locks. But doors are only locked when they are closed, so door closers and automatic door operators need to be checked as well. They can al ...

First Day Of Fall!

These cold and rainy days make it so important to have your doors properly sealed.  Keep the warmth in and the cold and wet out!  Call for a free estimate if you're feeling drafts or seeing water leakage from your doors.

Preventative Maintenance

It's always a good idea to make sure your doors are maintained properly.  This could be as simple as lubricating the parts that move to reduce metal on metal wear. Like our bodies if we don't maintain and take care of them over time they break down ...


With hot temperatures upon us it is important to make sure your doors are sealing properly. A way to do that is by simple observation, turning out the lights to identify where gaps are located. Brush seals are an effective way to seal those gaps as t ...


Don't forget to lubricate your commercial doors this spring, they'll run smoother and proper!