Commercial Door Safety

With commercial and industrial doors being used on a daily basis, it is a misconception that there is no inherent danger or risk when operating or simply being near them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your door is integral to your business’s day-to-day; because of this, it is important to be aware of safety tips and precautions you and your employees can take to help prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

Understand –

Any commercial or industrial door can pose a variety of dangers if not properly understood and maintained. Be sure that all employees involved with your door or doors’ operation understand the risks involved and how to keep them properly maintained at all times. Because of their size, power, and speed, commercial doors can cause serious injuries. Be sure that any potential operator has proper training and follows clear safety protocols to reduce risk to both the employee, your building, and the door itself damages or injury.

Stay Aware –

While operating any commercial door, there are numerous potential risks to be aware of. It’s almost impossible to remove every potential for an accident, but being aware of the possibility can significantly reduce these risks. 

  • Do Not Walk or Stand Under Doors In Motion

Make sure to wait until the door is no longer moving, making sure nothing has malfunctioned at that it has opened completely and correctly. Like any other piece of mechanical equipment, door systems can malfunction. These may not have safety features such as sensors, and if you’re caught under one in motion, you may be in trouble. Be sure to keep moving doors in your line of sight and clear of any obstructions while operating.

  • Alternate Entrances and Exits

Avoid using an industrial door as a main entry or exit. The easiest way to avoid the risk of injury is by using an alternate “personnel” or “man-door.” These access points are generally safer with less risk of an operator or mechanical issue. This is the best way to avoid injury in an environment with a commercial door.

Notify –

Be sure to have regular maintenance performed on any doors you may have. Keep a log or report to notify a manager or foreman of any issues or concerns regarding your commercial or industrial doors. Then if necessary, contact a professional that will be able to repair or replace your door. Quantum Door Services is here to help assist any questions or safety concerns you have about your industrial and commercial doors!