Winter Preparation for Commercial and Industrial Doors

The Winter season and the cold icy conditions that come with it can pose numerous problems for any garage door solution. Whether the door is making noise, becoming hard to close, or simply building up with dirt and debris, below are typical problems to address and potential solutions to prepare for the winter months.

Loose or Worn Components –
If snow or ice can accumulate on or around a garage door, the resulting pressure on areas such as moving parts or hinges can force things like screws to wear or come loose more easily. It’s a good idea to observe the door for these types of issues regularly and tighten any hardware that may be affected.

Weather Stripping Wear and Buildup –
Weatherstripping is susceptible to wear and tear, just like any other garage door material. Typically being made of rubber, it may dry out and crack as time goes on. This is even more prevalent during winter. Weatherstripping may also freeze and become stuck to the floor surfaces or pavement, making it difficult to operate the door properly and potentially get stuck, further deteriorating the material. If you find the weather stripping on your door is in a cracked or peeling state, make sure to address the issue and possibly replace it before the cold from snow and ice make things worse.
Make sure to check around any points of contact between weather stripping or other components and be sure to clear them of any dirt or debris that would allow melted snow or ice to enter. Not having the proper seal provided by weather stripping can cost you time and money in additional repair or replacement of your door; keep these preventative best practices in mind to save yourself a potential headache.

Lubrication –
Lastly, it is just as essential to be sure that your door is lubricated during the winter months. Without being properly lubricated, your door components are liable to get cold and stick, which may cause unnecessary damages. If you’re able to lubricate components such as tracks and pulleys, do so, but make sure not to over lubricate. Remove any excess oil or lubrication as too much can do just as much harm as not enough. If you’re not able to do this yourself, contact a technician at Quantum Door Solutions who will be able to assist you.

Quantum Door Services is here to help you with your preventative maintenance all year long. We invite you to utilize any of our trained technicians to not only fix any issues but provide long-lasting solutions.