The Ins and Outs of Commercial Doors

There are businesses in almost every industry that require particular doors. Some that roll up and down, some that open or spin, and some keep the cold in. When it comes to doors, the shapes, sizes, and options can seem overwhelming. Allow me to break down a few of the more common types for you (in no particular order). 

The first type of commercial door is your basic hollow metal/steel door. An excellent example of where you can find these types of doors is in a school or hospital. As implied in the name, these doors look like large metal slabs with a push/pull handle.  

The second style for commercial doors is full glass with an aluminum door. For this style, think of a university, church building, government building, basically any building that has large window looking doors with a metal frame. These doors are prevalent due to their versatility and ease of maintenance. 

The third style that we will be discussing is a rolling and coiling door. These aren’t as common in buildings’ public areas but are almost guaranteed to be in the back. These doors are used to transfer merchandise from the big rig trailer into the store or warehouse. They are similar to a garage door found in most homes with one exception; instead of just raising, they roll up like a snake as they raise.  

There you have it; you now know more about commercial doors than the vast majority of the population. Before you go bragging about how smart you are, I want to warn you there are still many more types to learn about, but that is a topic for another time.